Elise Marie


I always knew I was going to be an artist when I was growing up. I’ve been doing artsy things for as long as I can remember, so it only made sense to pursue art as a career in my adulthood. Everything started with visual arts (because watercolours are ridiculously fun okay) and then I discovered poetry. Poetry has been a lifeline for me for most of my life. In my teens, I competed in several poetry slams and competitions across Alberta on my own and with SWYC (the Spoken Word Youth Choir). This is where my deep connection with the performing arts really started to develop and I went on to complete two theatre diplomas. Since graduating, I’ve written, produced and performed in several shows and I have another one coming up in the Edmonton Fringe Festival in August of 2019! 

Photography kind of happened to me by accident. I got a job in the summer between my last two years of university as a “historical photographer” because I just needed work, but it all kind of clicked when I photographed my first proposal in studio. They were all dressed up in old western gear and the historical park was where they had gone on their first date a year ago, it was stupid cute, and I went “oh jeez I think I just fell in love with this.” Two years later, I was second shooting weddings for a truly wonderful local wedding photographer and I’m still working with her and I love it. There is something so very special about photographing the love between two people, it honestly makes me get all kinds of emotional and I’m not ashamed to admit I cry when I edit my engagement and wedding sessions. Because love is breathtaking.

And then I discovered boudoir.

I am an intimate boudoir photographer specializing in expressing human individuality and uniqueness through a photograph. I’m a firm believer that all bodies are beautiful, it’s our attitudes towards them that aren’t. My mission is to help people understand that they are enough, that they are beautiful, that they are worth it -just the way they are. I’m a real big fan of art and using it as a mechanism for both healing and growth and I do this in session by creating a space for you to be yourself. I make room for you to be your most authentic and vulnerable because at the end of the day, my hope is that you will see you the way I see you - a powerful, confident, remarkable person with a lot to offer.

Because you are SO worth it.


“Elise is an absolute delight to work with. She is energetic, knowledgeable, creative, and professional. I booked my second shoot with her before I even saw the images from my first shoot simply because she made me feel so comfortable and we connected immediately. You will not be disappointed!” - Lisa D.